What’s New!

Browsing through this sunday’s Observer newspaper, I came across a fabulous review in the Escape section of our work at Velvet hotel in Manchester by Joanne O’Connor, calling it “Manchester’s chic-est Boutique Hotel”….

Its nice to feel that you have achieved something – we generally try to work closely with clients to achieve something stunning, and to be recognised nationally means at least we must be doing something right!

If you haven’t seen it already check out the Velvet website gallery, whish shows the “dramatic flourishes” and rooms “decorated with great flair ……all in the best possible taste”.


 Elsewhere we have been working on a new outlet for Barburrito in the North-West – they still have to complete on the site, but hopefully the sketches (opposite) will help close the deal. It’s a good operation, having already picked up awards at the Manchester Food and Drink festival for Best Newcomer, and it would be nice to see more of these outlets appearing…………..and the food is excellent!

Finally, as I write, we are being briefed out on new interior works at Turf Moor, home of newly promoted Burnley Football Club – more news and pictures to come next month.