An upmarket Mexican food outlet – sharp, fresh and with a big degree of self-selection – as you move down the counter the staff will make up your taco, tortilla, nacho or burrito exactly as you want it. The clients had sorted out their product, and now needed an outlet – the brief was to design an upmarket fast-food outlet, showcasing the product and suggesting a ethnic Mexican feel without resorting to sombreros’ or straw donkeys.

Warm stucco colours and stone walls together with stone floors suggest the hacienda, the custom designed wall mural suggest the heat and feel of a traditional Mexican town , the solid hardwood furniture a feeling of strength and comfort……… the interior is however resolutely modern, the crispness of the counter line together with the branding reinforces the clean freshness of the product…

…good food at a good price, and all put together in front of you.

…..and yes, the straw donkey did appear in the end – on the childrens’ menu.